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Oasis Maeng-Da Kratom Capsules

Oasis Maeng-Da Kratom Capsules

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As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a punch. By far one of the most popular kratom strains.

It brings many of the pain relieving qualities from other kratom strains, but with a bigger stimulating boost. The energy boost doesn’t come with any jittery, unfocused side effects.

Maeng Da was created in the hot and humid temperatures of Indonesia as a high potency red kratom strain. Maeng Da blends pain relief and energy into one. In order to beat the heat in Indonesia, Maeng Da was made to provide more energy than Bali.

Maeng Da adds an energy kick that some red veins lack but keeps the pain relieving properties.

Region: Indonesia
Vein Color: Green
Type: Capsule & Powder
For: Pain relief and stimulation (not as sedative as red veins)

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